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Re: [PLUG] VPS account with lots of storage?


You almost certainly do NOT want to host your email server in EC2 as those IPAs are blacklisted everywhere. There are ways to do it that have been discussed in the list before, search the archive or wait for someone else (Fred maybe, I forget) to cover that again.

I put all of my clients on EC2 servers at AWS, and they all have
SMTP servers sending their outgoing mail.  No problems.

Be sure to:

- Use free Amazon "Elastic" IP addresses, not just the default
   dynamic IP addresses they assign you.  These are policed more
   carefully by Amazon to make sure you are not sending spam,
   and to make sure they don't end up on any black lists.

- Fill out the Amazon form at:
  This tells Amazon that you intend to send a lot of mail, and
  you promise not to be a spammer.  Otherwise, they will limit
  the amount of outgoing mail you can send.

- Use the same form to ask Amazon to set up the reverse DNS
   entries for your IP addresses.  Lack of a reverse DNS makes
   your mail seem more spammish.

- Set up "SPF" (Sender Policy Framework) TXT records in your DNS.
   These records identify which IP addresses are permitted to send
   email for your domain names.  Many mail servers use these
   records to filter spam from unauthorized IP addresses.  See:

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