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Re: [PLUG] Multiple Terminal Programs

I use csshX all the time. On the mac, iTerm2 can also send the same keystrokes to all windows. On windows, I especially liked mRemote-NG because of its flexibility - I could set up RDP and SSH sessions, store them, group them by tabs, etc. 

On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 7:09 AM, Andy Wojnarek <andy.wojnarek@theatsgroup.com> wrote:
Tmux also has built in features to send your keypresses to all of your ‘panes’ at once:


Which makes workflow nice.

Andy Wojnarek

On 7/10/16, 11:32 AM, "plug on behalf of JP Vossen" <plug-bounces@lists.phillylinux.org on behalf of jp@jpsdomain.org> wrote:

>See also
>http://lists.netisland.net/archives/plug/plug-2011-08/msg00048.html for
>related clues...  Esp.:
>http://blog.crdlo.com/2010/07/parallel-ssh-tool-roundup.html.  See the
>thread list
>On 07/09/2016 07:16 PM, Anthony Martin wrote:
>> I mainly use terminator and guake but if I need to access a group of
>> systems to run the same thing on them I use cssh.
>> On Sat, Jul 9, 2016, 6:56 PM brent saner <brent.saner@gmail.com
>> <mailto:brent.saner@gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     You can use your favourite terminal emulator and do it in tmux:
>>     http://lukaszwrobel.pl/blog/tmux-tutorial-split-terminal-windows-easily
>>     Bonus: it works over ssh and saves sessions to reconnect to, also.
>>     On Jul 9, 2016 6:02 PM, "Michael Lazin" <microlaser@gmail.com
>>     <mailto:microlaser@gmail.com>> wrote:
>>         While that looks neat I think I would just get confused by it.
>>         I too have to have many terminals open but I run a windows
>>         desktop at work.  My solution is to use cygwin to run an x
>>         server on windows and use ssh -Y to open a gnome terminal from
>>         an ubuntu server virtual machine.  I like gnome-terminal and
>>         it's tab feature to keep track of many boxes, but with one tab
>>         at a time like firefox's tabs.  I have my gnome-terminal set to
>>         blue background with white text because it's easy on the eyes.
>>         On Sat, Jul 9, 2016 at 5:41 PM, Casey Bralla
>>         <MailList@nerdworld.org <mailto:MailList@nerdworld.org>> wrote:
>>             FYI to the list.
>>             I had been looking for a single program that would allow me
>>             to have multiple
>>             terminals open in a single window.    I want to be able to
>>             ssh into multiple
>>             servers and monitor them from a single session.
>>             Well, just by chance I stumbled onto terminator
>>             (http://gnometerminator.blogspot.com/p/introduction.html)
>>             and QuadKonsole &
>>             QuadKonsole4 (https://www.linux-apps.com/p/1127778/) for KDE.
>>             Terminator seems the more actively maintained, but is more
>>             gnome-ish (while I
>>             prefer KDE).
>>             If you've ever wanted to link into multiple systems, these
>>             are very nice
>>             programs to explore.
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