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Re: [PLUG] WAS: spamassassin help: create a rule to score by sender TLD Now: Email support

On 10/19/2016 05:12 PM, ac wrote:
> They do not and you are wrong.
> You can query them, but most of them do not share data, notably
> spamcop, ascams, and even spamhaus.
> For example, they make data available but they do NOT load each others
> outputs.

now, when you say "outputs", how do you define that?
further, how do you know they don't share data? have you tested this?
because i have.

>> VPS providers assigning dynamic IP addresses is a vastly unheard of
>> thing these days. Greg's MX record, assuming he was using,
>> points to Arvixe- who do not offer dynamic IP addresses. do research
>> before making assumptions.
> I said "What could happen" 
> what assumptions are you talking about? And why should I have to do
> research when I am saying "what could happen" ?

which, again, is not helpful. conjecturing with no basis serves no purpose.

>> do you know he's rewriting? how do you know? do you receive carbons of
>> the bounce messages you're sending and regularly review them?
> because I can read?

you did not answer my question. how do you know that what he pasted was
not an abbreviated form of the bounce he received, nor that it was the
original message sent?

> Brent, you feel the need to interject and to call me 'unsavory' yet you
> omit to include the bounce posted

i see nobody else making wild accusations in this thread. i did not
include the bounce because it's already been included. clutter is
atrocious to look at.

> And, technically, as this is not a guess or an accusation but an actual
> fact, Greg's mail servers did re-write the email bounce.
> No insinuation, no accusation, no suspicion, no "unsavory" behavior,
> simple truth.
> How do I know this?
> Well, see, if you READ the thread, you will see that Greg posted his
> actual bounce to the list.
> I include it below so that you may consider apologizing for calling me
> 'unsavory'

you did not answer my original question as to how you know that is the
bounce he received.

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