Greg Helledy on 19 Oct 2016 15:21:46 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] WAS: spamassassin help: create a rule to score by sender TLD Now: Email support

 I have actually now spent the time to check your ip on our hostacc
box, I can actually see no reason why your email would be returned.

I don't think there is any valid reason why my email should be returned.

On that box we only use & and you are listed at

As I said, it is a spammy thing to do, to re-write a bounce

I looked in my exim logs...

host lookup failed ( does not match any IP address for

So, the bounce was NOT "admin prohibition but "550 does
not match any IP address for"

I don't believe our system is "re-writing" anything. If it is, it's the default configuration Arvixe provided us. I wouldn't have any reason to go changing messages like that. But at any rate, that's an internal message--what's sent to local users when our server can't deliver a mail. Content of internal messages is our own business, isn't it?

I see that your reverse zone is now delegated - you did that after the

I have not done anything administrative today. I actually spent most of the day in the waiting room of a Toyota dealership, after blowing out a tire on our minivan. It's all-wheel-drive and requires special run-flat tires that are scarce and time-consuming to install. I would not be doing administrative tasks on our server or with our ISP over the wifi connection in a car dealership. Assuming I even knew how to "delegate my reverse zone", which I don't.

I know that many (most?) people on this list are IT professionals (or IT professionals-to-be, some are still in school). I have another full-time job and am self-taught on the side, so have some knowledge gaps.

You should not re-write bounces... still... Not Cool !

Then, your silence and your claim of my "paranoid" mail server, while
you full well know what the problem was, beyond not cool.

As you quickly (and silently) fixed your reverse zone delegation...
host domain name pointer

I *don't* know what the problem is.  But I don't see how it's on my end.

Also, to be clear - no "hyper paranoid" and you, knowing that you fixed
your reverse delegation and still posting this to a Linux list? Dude, I
am not a little kid and I am many things but stupid is not one of them.

What should I conclude, when dozens of users of the system never have any problem mailing anyone, except you? It was not an accusation, just something I thought you should be aware of. Knowing that my system doesn't generate spam, I considered your bouncing me to be a false positive. I'd want to know if I was falsely bouncing you, so I thought you might like to know, too. I didn't have any way to reach you other than the list.

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