Thomas Delrue on 21 Oct 2016 13:48:19 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] spamassassin help: create a rule to score by sender TLD

On 10/21/2016 04:33 PM, ac wrote:
> If I then decide to also stop receiving your crap, what is the result?

Peace and quiet and we call can get things done again?

I think what RSK is saying is "it's not because I have a front door that
you have the right to barge in" which in and of itself is not wrong.
If I'm correct, what you're saying is: if you prevent me from talking to
you, how can I talk to you?

Well, some people just don't want to talk to everyone in the world... or
have just about everyone able to contact them. I don't think that that
is wrong per se.

That being said, I'm not taking sides in this one (my snide quip at the
start is just a joke).

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