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Re: [PLUG] Call for a PLUG CENTRAL speaker for December


I did misread the intentions. As far as cross posting, PLUG's meetings are open to the public. PLUG Central particularly has as more than ample seating for whomever decides to show up. If talk gets cross posted or not, we don't really care either way because we are nearly 100% open (any percentage we aren't is attributed to laziness or absentmindedness). What does bother me is that I've had talks with Philly PUG members in the past is they try use any mention of Python to advertise for PhillyPUG... then they never show up to the talk and just promote PhillyPUG. Seeing how I myself and Anthony are also member's of PhillyPUG, we'll look for any message decided to be sent out. However, I'm judging you if you recommend the talk and don't show up yourself.  Especially because we have free parking. 

As far as I'm concerned, DO post are talks anywhere where because we are open to the public and our membership policy is... uhm... I don't think we really have one. But if you say you're a member we won't disagree in any capacity unless you've been banned from the mailing list or IRC (which combined equals to 1 person in the last 6 years to the best of my knowledge).  We only might mind about talks getting posted if people show up if we have food and we have not planned for the additional people (has not happened recently at PLUG Central). Please inform people that the chances for food and beer afterwards are extremely high. 

I apologize for any sensitivity on the subject of cross posting. I have seen some groups in the Philly Tech scene are too busy trying to poaching members, speakers, and then get inundated with with recruiters. I really don't want to see that echo'd with this group.

-Will C

On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 9:27 PM, Gary Duzan <gary@duzan.org> wrote:
In Message <CAO8063UcgWS3M2ztN_0N=UoBeMMKFeMWD=zZ3wUh7xM1vuTTiw@mail.gmail.com>,
   Will <staticphantom@gmail.com>wrote:

=>I need to give my 2 cents on PhillyPug. This is not the first time they
=>popped up on our mailing list/meetup page trying to name drop themselves on
=>this group I'm glad there is interest but if there is a talk that Philly
=>Pug is interested in that we are covering, please stop our meeting and stop
=>trying to poach our talks. This is the second time this has happened and
=>seeing how it's someone different I have a feeling it won't be the last.

   I'm not sure what exactly the complaint is here. If there is
some reason you aren't interested in having PhillyPUG members
attend, I have no problem not posting. I haven't been active with
PhillyPUG for a while as getting into Philly isn't particularly
convenient for me, and I haven't done much serious Python for a
while, but I still follow what they are up to. So I have nothing
invested in the matter either way.

                                Gary Duzan

=>Anthony, you got my vote on the topic. I'll see you there as I have yet to
=>play with Django and I have no problem trolling your code. Variation on a
=>similar talk.... as anyone interested in Jupyter notebooks for scientific
=>purposes in addition to applications for sysadmins?
=>-Will C
=>On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 8:58 PM, Anthony Martin <
=>anthony.j.martin142@gmail.com> wrote:
=>> I haven't been to a PhillyPUG meeting in months so if you don't mind Gary
=>> that would be a great idea in my opinion.
=>> Anthony Martin
=>> Linux System Administrator
=>> On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 8:31 PM, <gary@duzan.org> wrote:
=>>> => If anyone is interested I may be able to give a talk about the Django
=>>> => Framework for python (not exactly Linux focused but its normally run on
=>>> => Linux and I would go over setting it up on CentOS 7 withapache,
=>>> mariadb,
=>>> => and python3.4).
=>>> =>
=>>> => Anthony Martin
=>>> =>
=>>> => Linux System Administrator
=>>>    You could probably pull in some folks from PhillyPUG, too.
=>>> http://www.meetup.com/phillypug/
=>>> I'm a member, so I can forward the info if needed.
=>>>                               Gary Duzan
=>>> => On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 2:34 PM, Eric Lucas <eric@lucii.org> wrote:
=>>> =>
=>>> =>> Our anticipated PLUG CENTRAL speaker for December cannot make it so we
=>>> =>> need replacement.
=>>> =>>
=>>> =>> If you have a talk or think you can put one together before December
=>>> 7th
=>>> =>> then please give us a shout
=>>> =>> and let us know!
=>>> =>>
=>>> =>> Thank you.
=>>> =>>
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