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Re: [PLUG] Laptop recommendations

On 19/02/17 10:47, Thomas Delrue wrote:
> Hey all,
> A friend of mine is looking to buy a new laptop(*) with a budget of
> roughly 1000-1200 USD. Obviously, this device will run
> $YOUR_FAVORITE_DISTRO Linux. It's purpose is not to do heavy computing
> but mostly use it for what your grandma would use it for: i.e. browsing,
> listening to music, some minor photo editing and -but this is
> aspirational- maybe some video editing.
> What are the recommendations for laptops these days and what are some
> common pitfalls that could prevent putting Linux on it?
> We've looked at System76 and I think he's looked at those offered by
> Costco but he was underwhelmed by all of them.
Your friend has described exactly much of the ThinkPad line that
matters, specifically the X and T series (P, formerly W series, is a bit
much for this application), all the way to pricing. As you can probably
find out, it is relatively painless to get Linux working on them; in
fact, I am typing this email on my ThinkPad W550s running Arch Linux.

If your friend decides to look into ThinkPads, the question then becomes
one of physical size, as there exists the X1 Carbon that's thin as hell
yet not a chromebook.

Charlie Li
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