Rich Kulawiec on 15 Mar 2017 14:41:02 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Avoid Arvixe at all costs!

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 02:55:19PM -0400, Greg Helledy wrote:
> I've clearly explained what I want and expressed willingness to pay.  If
> what I want is technically impossible, I want to understand what the
> obstacle is.  Otherwise, you're not adding any value.

That's a fair criticism of some of our responses.  So let me try to
give it a fair answer.

What you want is of course technically feasible, at least so far as
the specifications you've articulated so far.  To give a definitive
answer, I'd need to spend an hour or two with you hammering out some
details -- but my guess is at the end of it, it'd still be feasible.

The problem (well, as I see it, others may view it differently) isn't
technical: it's logistic.   What you're looking for is a combination
of things that providers are unlikely to offer (at reasonable cost)
because it would be difficult for them to make money doing it.  And
you want a simple interface to quite a bit of complex machinery.
(And, as I said upthread, I would strongly recommend spreading this
out over multiple hosts for a number of reasons -- so still more
cost and complexity, but in my opinion, necessary cost and complexity.)

Providers that are in the mass hosting business make their money by
cookie-cuttering everything and minimizing support costs.  A setup
such as yours probably isn't going to work for them, and so they're
not going to want to tackle it.  (Or, as your current provider has
done, they may take it on anyway and then struggle to deliver.)

Now, I could do this for you -- as no doubt could some of the other
people here -- but then you'd have to pay for hosting and you'd have
to pay us to set up and run it.  And the "user interface" for much of it
would be a human being, not cpanel.  All this will cost you.

Those costs can be minimized by judicious design choices up front --
but they're still going to be considerably more than what you'll pay
for a canned hosting package.  So your choices are probably something
like: (a) keep looking and/or (b) change your requirements and/or
(c) consider paying for hosting and a person.

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