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Re: [PLUG] BogoMIPS Replacement

Hi, Casey.

Intel provides a pre-compiled LINPACK benchmark for download.  There are builds for Linux, Windows and Mac.  This is the same code used to benchmark our national-level supercomputers.

Results are in floating point operations per second (FLOPS).


On Wed 03/15/17 06:52PM EDT, Casey Bralla wrote:
> As my hand-me-down computer list grows longer (all my relatives know to give 
> me their old computers instead of throwing them away), I'm looking for a 
> simple method to record their relative speeds.
> I could use BogoMIPS, but everybody knows that they are not very realistic, 
> but is there an equally easy-to-obtain performance benchmark that could be 
> used as a better subtitute?  (I need a non-Bogo-MIPS measurement.)
> Anybody got any suggestions?
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