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Re: [PLUG] Canonical dropping Unity

I guess I don't do much customization either on KDE.  I agree some of the transitions have been hard but the changes in KDE have tended to only annoy me for a short time.  Its been a one and done thing.

Still LXDE in my book is perfect for servers and other low resource situations.  I don't need all the KDE/Plasma eye candy there.

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Elementary's in the just-in-case box. When I set her up two years ago it wasn't ready for prime time.

On Apr 6, 2017 1:15 PM, "Charlie Li" <> wrote:
On 06/04/17 12:50, Rachel Rawlings wrote:
> I actually wonder more how people like my wife, who came from a Mac
> background, will handle the transition. I'd started her off with
> mint/cinnamon and she hated it because it was too Windows-like. Unity
> was perfect for her.
Elementary OS's GNOME-based desktop environment, Pantheon, may be worth
considering. It is supposed to resemble macOS's look and feel in almost
every way.

Elementary OS itself is based on the latest(?) Ubuntu LTS, and there
should be Pantheon packages in other distros' package repositories. I
know Arch has packages for sure.

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