Jan Deruiter on 19 Apr 2017 12:27:22 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] NTR - NonProfit Technology Resources

As per another post, if you are looking to donate working computers than my organization http://phillykids.org or the TeamChildren folks would take it.

PhillyKids.org is not really set up to do actual refurbishing anymore as we just moved out of our warehouse. We do the Linux imaging (thanks to Keith!) with students at schools now. 
So if the machine is worthy but needs something, I think the TeamChildren in Audubon may be better set up.

For waste/recycling, I saw a comprehensive list of PA recycling resources posted that will work. If you are in Philly, however, then I strongly recommend using the folks at https://par-recycleworks.org/ 
Donating your recycling to them supports their re-entry program for ex offenders.

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