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Re: [PLUG] NTR - NonProfit Technology Resources

Thanks for the tips Jan - this load is heading to TeamChildren and if I ever have any more, they will come your way! I also shared these in the "Philadelphia Spiceworks Spicecorps" group (local group of IT peeps that use Spiceworks or the Spiceworks Community).


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As per another post, if you are looking to donate working computers than my organization or the TeamChildren folks would take it. is not really set up to do actual refurbishing anymore as we just moved out of our warehouse. We do the Linux imaging (thanks to Keith!) with students at schools now.
So if the machine is worthy but needs something, I think the TeamChildren in Audubon may be better set up.

For waste/recycling, I saw a comprehensive list of PA recycling resources posted that will work. If you are in Philly, however, then I strongly recommend using the folks at Donating your recycling to them supports their re-entry program for ex offenders.

Jan Deruiter

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I run a non profit that puts computers into Phila public school classrooms, provides take home computers, teach 3D printing, and a variety of other programs.
We could certainly make use of your computers.
We tend to wipe old machines clean and image them with Xubuntu 16.04 but if they have W10 on them, I may provide them to people as-is. We tend to use
X1604 because we distribute mostly C2D machines with little Ram or even Pentiums.

Your donation would be tax deductible. Please just tell us what amount you would like to use for your receipt letter.

You can check us out at

I have met with the Team Children folks and think they are a worthy organization as well. They sell their computers for relatively little money whereas we give them away.
They put a lot of stock into the EDU software they developed some years ago whereas we tend to position our machines as web terminals.

If not this round, perhaps consider us for future donations. Again, the TeamChildren folks are a good program as well I think.

Jan Deruiter

MostlyWeb, Inc.        215-842-9095

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