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Re: [PLUG] Webroot

On 04/27/2017 01:48 AM, ac wrote:
> imnsho anyone using free anything should know that they are the product
> people should accept that they are products as they are not paying for
> any service(s) 
> What makes social networking systems even more evil is that they do
> not even produce the content, the products produce the content and the
> products market the content and peer pressure other people to become
> products... 
> either way, personally i use my facebook account maybe once every three
> months and only when i am looking for an old product that i knew from
> school or college. Even that usage is becoming less as the products are
> dying, disappearing and also not using facebook so regularly any longer...
> i have no use for twitter as it is so inbred and snap is for kids, i do
> not have gmail, etc so basically i am a somewhat defective product :)

I use Google, Facebook, Gmail, and etc. Some mail servers do not
appreciate receiving mail from private servers like mine.  AOL and Yahoo
for instance.  I never post anything "private" on Facebook or any social
media.  Even if you do it is really public anyway.

In the last couple of days I created a youtube channel for publishing
informative videos.  The only half way private communication is using
GnuPG or OpenPGP encryption.  I heard of a group working on a way to
hide the meta data, but I have not been following them lately.

Facebook and Google are really in cahoots with the NSA and the CIA and
all of your online activities are stored in a massive database.  There
is no more real 4th Amendment which Edward Snowden found out.

Have you ever looked at the temptation of Jesus Christ by Satan?  All of
Satan's temptations were reputed and Jesus show the error in Satan's
temptation.  The final temptation was where Jesus was offered all of the
kingdoms of the world.  Jesus did not refute that Satan owned and
controlled all of the nations of the world, but told him:

Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord
thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. (Matthew 4:10 KJV)

This is why all of the nations are preparing for war and there are some
including the United States and Russia preparing for a Nuclear World
War.  This is why there is no privacy for your government considers you
as an enemy to be watched!

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