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Re: [PLUG] Booting, UEFI, BIOS

On 07/09/2017 09:43 PM, Charlie Li wrote:
> I wholeheartedly agree. The only caveat is when the firmware is just
> done horribly wrong where in the worst case scenario will only boot
> Windows no matter how many times you change and save your BIOS settings
> otherwise. LeRoy did not let us forget that. In a past machine of mine
> (from 2012), neither efibootmgr nor EFI Shell 2.0 would work; I only
> managed to manually add the boot entry for GRUB through EFI Shell 1.0.
> The good news is that it sounds like George will not have to worry about
> this caveat on his new Dell.

yep, that's why a lot of e.g. linux rescue CDs (and my BDisk builds)
include UEFI shell v1 and v2; because while you SHOULD be able to use
UEFI v2 shells on a UEFI v1 system, most of the time you can't. the spec
just wasn't mature enough for v1 boards. efibootmgr, if memory serves,
uses the v2 method(?), so this makes sense.

but yeah, i haven't heard of any machines post-2014/2015ish that have v1
UEFI so this problem should be a legacy issue at this point thankfully.

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