Rich Freeman on 13 Oct 2017 12:06:58 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Things to correct when copying over a filesystem with rsync?

On Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 11:15 AM, Keith C. Perry
<> wrote:
> The only thing I usually have to "fix" are the UUIDs in the fstab and the grub config- using grub-mkconfig and grub-install generically speaking.  Some systems hide those behind other tools.

That is assuming you're using UUIDs.  That is the way I'd do it for
sure (or labels, though you can't use the same label for both
filesystems).  If you're using devices like /dev/sda and so on you
need to keep in mind that if a drive does fail those labels could
change.  So, if your backup filesystem is set to use /dev/sdb then
things will work great during testing, and will fail when things
actually go wrong (granted, it isn't that hard of a fix).

Also, I'd hesitate to use the label "RAID-1" to describe your setup.
These are not really mirrored drives, in that anything you do to the
one isn't automatically reflected on the other, and you don't get the
other benefits of RAID like increased read performance.  There is
nothing wrong with how you're doing it, though you do need to be
careful to keep them equivalent.  In fact, your setup actually has the
benefit that you can do an update on one filesystem, pilot it in
production, and then update your other filesystem after a delay and
have it as a rollback option.  This assumes your application can
accept a rollback, and you have to keep in mind the possibility of a
forced rollback if a drive fails.

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