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Re: [PLUG] FF 57 is out and breaks NoScript and Tab Mix Plus!

On 18/11/2017 17:32, Keith C. Perry wrote:
> I didn't know there was this much activity with FF.  I usually just let updates roll but I might hold whatever version I'm running until this new API is field tested by the masses.
Ever since Mozilla announced that they would get rid of XUL, XPCOM and a
few other things underpinning their software platform since the initial
Netscape donation in favour of Rust (oxidisation as they called it),
there has been much activity on that front. There wasn't a definite
timeframe for the transition until Mozilla decided 57 would be the first
oxidised version, and by that point many extension authors were already
frustrated with the changes Mozilla made to the platform (Jetpack, then
multiprocess). Oxidisation was simply the last straw for some authors.

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