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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird email client ignores Reply-To field...


More good info.  Thanks again!

But, I never use the toolbar buttons.  It's much faster to hit Ctrl-R
than to move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse, position
the mouse pointer over the right button, click, and return to the
keyboard to type my reply.

Also, my fingers have been using Ctrl-R for over 20 years now
(10+ years of Netscape email, then 10+ years of Thunderbird,
plus I think it's probably been the same shortcut key for any other
mail system I've used during that time).  There's no way I'd reliably
remember to hit Ctrl-Shift-R for Reply-All or Ctrl-Shift-L for
Reply-List on the occasions when the reply I'm sending is in
response to an email message from PLUG or other list.

Instead, I'd likely just hit Ctrl-R, not notice that the To field was
the original poster instead of the list, send my message and
perhaps vaguely wonder why no one responded.  That's how I
noticed in this case.  I replied to Edmund Goppelt's question
about whether he'd been hacked, then later saw Rich Freeman's
reply which said some of the same stuff I'd already said.
Checked the PLUG archives and saw that my reply was missing.
Checked my Sent folder and realized it had not gone to the list.
Checked past replies to PLUG and saw that some of them over
the past couple months had also not gone to the list.  Grrr!!!

So, I investigated, found that Tbird had changed it's behavior
for some reason, found a Tbird add-on that fixes it, then found
a simpler Tbird config setting that fixes it, posted a bug report,
and sent a warning to the rest of you, in case you were similarly
wondering why PLUG folks sometimes ignored your replies.

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On 6/22/18 11:05 AM, Charlie Li wrote:
On 21/06/2018 19:17, Fred Stluka wrote:
Good to know.  But, I'm no more likely to remember to hit Reply List
than to hit Reply-To-All, which would also send to the list.  I wanted
a fix that would mean I could just hit Ctrl-R (Cmd-R on Mac) as usual
and have it do the right thing.  The Config Editor setting does that for

Reply all no longer appears by default when Thunderbird detects a
mailing list. The reply list button replaces reply all in this case. If
you don't see the appropriate reply button, right clicking or going into
the menus will reveal them. Otherwise the keyboard sequence for reply
list is Ctrl-Shift-L.

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