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Re: [PLUG] OT - battery replacement for an Android phone

With everything said, it seems like this is a case of a number of things yielded a bad user experience after a increasing failures.  Chances are that this started with the battery losing cells.  Everything else extends from that physical degradation.

Bluetooth streaming shouldn't drain a battery that much- my N6 also died the same death and knowing that the device manufactures make replacing batteries difficult for a reason, I end up getting a Pixel 2.  I got 4 years out of my N6 and the reality is that, that is 2 to 2.5 years longer than the manufacturer wanted.  The mobile device industry wants to control the cycle and thus it is not consumer driven.  No one I know thinks mobile devices should be as much or more than laptops but this is where we are because of how that market works.

My suggestion would be to bite the bullet this time and replace the device so you don't have the headache.  Going forward, limit your mobile device usage to when you are truly mobile.  I used to grab my phone to stream music while I was cooking or sitting out on the deck.  Now, I grab my Chromebook or stream from my desktop to my the nearest Chromecast.  Its less convenient but if I'm saving charge cycles, I'm extending the life of the battery.

In short, some changes to your behavior will help you over the long run regardless of if device vendors realize that people want devices that are viable for more than 2 years.

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What you’ve described isn’t a bad battery, it’s bad battery usage/excessive drain. This is usually a software failure. A failed battery more often manifests as “I was listening to podcasts and my battery said 55% and then suddenly my phone was completely off and wouldn’t turn on. I plugged it in and it showed nothing on the screen for a while, then powered on and showed 0% battery, suddenly reaching 100% an hour later.”

Different symptoms, is all I’m trying to say.

On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 16:58 Michael Leone <> wrote:
Here's what I'm dealing with. I was listening to an audio podcast over my Bluetooth headphones. Screen off, it was in my pocket.

Battery went from 56% to 46% in 30 minutes i was traveling and listening.

This is without the Power Save feature turned on.

On Tue, Jul 31, 2018, 4:24 PM Fred Stluka <> wrote:

My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is now 4 years old.  Same battery
all that time.  I leave it plugged in overnight every night and
often all day.  Have it plugged in whenever in the car and using
the GPS, since the display is on fulltime then and takes a lot
of power.  (Tip: turn off the screen while navigating.  Uses
much less power and still speaks the turn by turn directions.
Flip screen back on briefly if necessary to see details of a turn.)
Have taken a couple of week or longer road trips with it plugged
in all the time.  No bad effect on battery life.

If I accidentally leave the phone unplugged all night, it is often
still at 75% or more the next morning, even if it hasn't been
charged in a full 24 hours.

It all depends on what's running.  Many apps seem to drain
the battery much more quickly, though I've never decided
which ones (other than Google Maps navigating which keeps
the screen on the whole time).  I frequently make a point of
closing down all apps, via long press of the one button to
bring up list of "Recent Apps", then swiping each one away to
close it.  If I don't, it can go from 100% to 0% in just a couple

Hope this helps!
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On 7/31/18 9:46 AM, K.S. Bhaskar wrote:
> Although lithium-ion batteries do have a memory effect, it is very
> small. From
> – /The effect is in fact tiny: the relative deviation in voltage is
> just a few parts per thousand./
> /
> /
> Considering that your phone is only two years old, and IIRC the Galaxy
> S7 Edge did have some battery issues (although with spontaneous
> ignition, as I recall), you may be able to talk Samsung into replacing
> the battery or selling you a refurbished replacement at a discounted
> price.
> Regards
> – Bhaskar
> On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 3:28 PM, Michael Leone <
> <>> wrote:
>     Sorry for the OT, but you guys are local, and this is
>     kinda/sorta/almost Linux-adjacent, since it is an Android phone ...
>     Anyways, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and the battery life is
>     going downhill. It's only 2 years old, but the battery health app I've
>     download (Accu-Battery) is measuring it's output at 2500 mAh, when
>     it's supposed to be 3600 ... probably my fault, I used to keep it
>     plugged in and charged the entire day, and apparently that really eats
>     away at battery cycle life ..
>     Anyways, before I go buying a new phone, I want to try a new battery.
>     On my old S5, I could (and did) replace it myself. But these phones
>     aren't designed that way.
>     Anyway, the point - can anyone recommend a local (i.e., in Philly,
>     hopefully Center City/South Philly) reputable shop that can do this? I
>     can Google for reviews all day, but I want to hear from real people,
>     not possibly planted reviews. :-)
>     Anyone ever had to have their battery replaced? If so, where, and
>     approx how much?
>     Thanks
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