brent timothy saner on 30 Sep 2018 12:20:47 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird email client ignores Reply-To field...

On 9/30/18 2:17 PM, Fred Stluka wrote:
> Alan (and other PLUG Thunderbird users),
> I'm re-sending this tip since I got a direct reply from Alan recently,
> when he may have intended to reply to the entire list.
> Be warned that a recent release of Thunderbird ignores the "Reply-To"
> field on all PLUG mailings and replies directly to the poster instead of
> to the whole PLUG list.
> See below for how to fix that
> --Fred

do you not have a separate "Reply List" button?

i do:

Tb 60.0, though i recall it being there before too.

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