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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird questions

This will, I hope, go to all Plug people, seeing that there seems to be interest.  I continue to

be very grateful to Fred, who is taking time and energy to "hold me by the hand" and guide my

feeble steps toward true Thunderbirdism.  Note that I still can't get rid of double-spacing.

Fred, I have no "Options" in the upper RH corner menu.  Of course I've searched other menu

entries, but can find nothing to help.  NB:  I get single spacing when I go under the "On . . Fred

Stiuka wrote" and start commenting.  I've said it before and say it again:  Thunderbird is weird!!

(Sorry for the passionate outburst!!)

On 09/30/2018 02:06 PM, Fred Stluka wrote:

One wants
          to be able to read anything one gets, and to have everyone able to read anything one
          sends.  The latter goal is helped by sending only ASCII stuff(remember EBCIDC?<G>)

amazing the number of foolish Windows users who allow
MS products to insert the special MS-only "smart quotes",
"em dashes", "single char ellipsis" chars, etc, into their
otherwise valid ASCII and Unicode docs.
          Yes, but you must admit that £ and ± and º  and a bunch of other 'extra' symbols can
          be very useful in many circumstances.  I maintain a flourishing correspondence in
          German with some old friends there, and it is a real PITA to have to write e.g. 'schoen'
          instead of the properly umlauted word for 'beautiful'.  Again: I want to make this
          crazy TB editor as emacsy as possible.

Based on the efforts I've seen on my software projects and
those of various colleagues, the industry must spend hundreds
of millions of dollars every year cleaning up data from MS
sources that looks wrong or causes errors in the rest of the
          I'll go further: if one could persuade the Feds to insist that no M$ be used on any
          gov't computer, the number of successful cyber attacks would go down by 90%.
          I expect that I'll find some agreement here!<G>

         Thanks.  I've found my own work-around: use the select font entry.  I think that is what
         I did; at any rate, I am now single-spaced.
                       Only because I'm inside Fred's message, commenting.   Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!

No, I don't use TeX.
         What do you use when you want to write an 'official' letter to e.g. the IRS, or to
         the official at some organization.  I have used TeX ever since it came out, and
         my copy of 'The TeXbook' is falling apart.  (But I wander off-topic)

Best greetings to all.  Again thanks to Fred, and I urge others with knowledge or good
intuition to jump in.


Alan McConnell :
    No one minds what Jeffreys says . . it is not more than a week ago
    that I heard him speak disrespectfully of the Equator.(Sydney Smith)
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