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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird questions

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Sorry for the delay.  Life happens...
       I understand that you are a working person, and I am grateful for any responses,
       at any time.  Also: I am many years retired, and I have time<g>.

> 1.  How does one exit TB?  I have up to now simply clicked on the 'x' 
> in the upper RH
> corner.  I have read that there is a screen with the typical 'File' as 
> the first item on
> the command line(my TB doesn't have any such thing) and from there one 
> can exit a bit
> more graciously.  What do you experts do?
I've used TB on Mac for the past 9 years.  Before that on Windows.
      Yes.  You do understand that I've been using Linux exclusively, at home and
      (previously) at work, since 1994.  So all my questions are about TB for Linux.

Can you, as your time allows, answer again, with Linux-relevant answers?

And I hope others will chime in, as time and knowledge allow.

Thanks to all!

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