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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird questions

This will be a reply from TB.  I'd first like y'all to notice the signature added at the bottom of

this message.  This comes from the .signature file that I have in my home computer, which

file, .signature, changes every day.   I am, for some reason, back to double spaces

On 09/28/2018 01:38 PM, Lee H. Marzke wrote:
I don't think it matters much which way you exit TB.
       This seems to be true(I've just changed to Bold) I have exited many times
      by clicking in upper RH, and there have been no deleterious consequences.(I'm
      going to try to abandon Bold and change to Italics)

In Ubuntu the TB menus are at the top of the screen ( not on TB itself )
you may have to hover the mouse up at the top of the screen for them to appear.
          Ubuntu must be different(hey, my change to Italics worked!)  I am running Debian jessie.
          I'm going to abandon Italics and give y'all a

Big font.  (Success!)  But how do I get rid of the double
      spacing?   I know it has gone, but why?

OK, enough fooling around.  Please treat this message as a jeux d'esprit.  Doe TB have diacritical


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