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Re: [PLUG] How to Quiet a Server for Desktop Use?

Casey Bralla <>:
> The 3 fans in this beast sound like a hurricane.  Anybody got any
> suggestions on how to quiet the noise?

Some years ago in a similar situation I lined the PC case with a kind of
stick-on acoustic absorber you can buy at auto parts stores. It's used
to prevent resonance in the enclosured around speakers.

This seemed to work pretty well for me, but the case fans in that box
were not exceptionally noisy to start with. Just ordinary 80mm muffin

These days I take a more drastic approach. The Great Beast has an NZXT case
- gamer-rig tech, along with its PS and cooling - that I love love *love* for
a number of reasons.  One is that it's factory lined with acoustic foam. Makes
it very very quiet.
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