Casey Bralla on 7 Feb 2019 16:45:40 -0800

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[PLUG] How to Quiet a Server for Desktop Use?

My company was disposing of an old IBM server and I was able to pick it
up rather than have it get recycled.  The thing has 2 Xeon processors,
24 GBytes of RAM, and 1.3 TBytes of RAID disk space. I'm thinking I
might want to put a PCIx graphics card in it and use it as a desktop. 
I'm very curious to see how long it would take to compile a Gentoo kernel.

Except for the NOISE.

The 3 fans in this beast sound like a hurricane.  Anybody got any
suggestions on how to quiet the noise?

My thoughts so far:

1.  Put resistors in series with the fan power wires to slow down the
fans.  (It'll get hotter, but I'm not pushing it much anyway)

2.  Muffle the darn thing in some type of enclosure.  (The thing is
gigantic and LONG, so an enclosure would be even bigger and clunkier.)

3.  Put it in the basement and use my desktop as a remote terminal. 
(But this would probably screw my plans for multiple monitors.)

Anybody got any suggestions?


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