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Re: [PLUG] We need speakers for [topics]

Actually, when I asked last night about a live stream there was interest so there is a market for it.  I would not blame anyone for not wanting to fight I-76 traffic going either way.  Road rage isn't a good look.

Also, not ethernet over wifi but we would have to use the actual wireline since wifi has access restrictions.  It can be done if someone wants to do it.  Might be worth a go for the intro topics as a test.

I still don't get the "record and stream later thing".  People can watch the videos now whenever they want.  There is a link on toward the top of the web site called "Videos of some recent talks".

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On 2/6/19 3:14 PM, Keith C. Perry wrote:
> It's mostly a resource thing (someone to do it, equipment, bandwidth, power, etc) but we don't get that many people asking for a live stream.  Doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't be done.  If the demand is there anyone who wants to do it can (unless the presenter says no).

I thought it might be interesting from non-attendees' POV but the market 
has decided.

> I will say that Central is going to be difficult because all the facilities are up front by the presenter.  For streaming you have to be plugged into since wifi is restricted.  You'll need a 100ft ethernet cable...  :D

hmmmm ethernet over wifi, mux'd with audio and video, plugged into 
someone's work phone, with unlimited data. Will there be parking for the 
video truck?

> What is "Post-live streaming?"

just recording at Central and streaming later.

Thanks for the history.

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