Rich Freeman on 7 Feb 2019 18:14:26 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] How to Quiet a Server for Desktop Use?

On Thu, Feb 7, 2019 at 8:58 PM brent timothy saner
<> wrote:
> On 2/7/19 8:49 PM, Keith C. Perry wrote:
> > Fan, fans, fans...  that's so 2010.  If you really, REALLY want to get
> > what you want.  You're going to have to go full immersion with a custom
> > enclosure (and heat piping).
> >
> > No noise, no heat, just power...
> >
> > (and a whole lot of oil)
> >
> but even then, you have to keep a *really* good pump flow on that oil
> because the temperature transfer rate is a lot lower than air, so you
> have to constantly provide a chilled stream to the components.

You could just go with an embedded phase change cooling solution for the oil.

They make pre-packaged biodegradable solid-to-liquid phase kits that
will help cool down that oil:

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