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[PLUG] Bitnami Stack for Apache Guacamole

May be of interest, related to Keith's preso a few months ago:

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Access and Manage Your Servers Remotely with the Bitnami Stack for Apache Guacamole Want to access your computers from anywhere using just a Web browser? Look no further than Apache Guacamole, a "clientless remote desktop gateway" that supports standard protocols like VNC, SSH, and RDP and requires no plugins or client software.

Apache Guacamole allows users to access their computers from anywhere while also providing administrators with a way to configure, manage and control access to remote desktop connections. You can also combine it with a cloud-hosted desktop operating system to benefit from the flexibility and resilience of cloud computing.

Bitnami has released an up to date and secure image that you can use to launch Apache Guacamole locally or in the cloud. Choose the platform you want to run it on and immediately benefit from having your desktop reachable from any part of the world and from any device.

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