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Re: [PLUG] PLUG West

On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 7:56 AM Chris Thistlethwaite via plug
<> wrote:
> That's about what I guessed. I may have a space in Devon that could
> work. I'm talking to owner to see if they are up for letting us use
> it. Otherwise I'll need to find something else. It might be best to
> cancel the February meeting, even if I get the Devon space ironed out
> it's kinda rushed.

Keep in mind that we shouldn't unnecessarily constrain ourselves:

We aren't limited to 3 venues.  We could have one around Great Valley,
AND one around West Chester.

There are 27 days per month left without PLUG meetings.  Obviously it
is good to space things out and we should avoid conflicts, but we
aren't limited to the particular nights that were previously used.

When holidays come along, we don't HAVE to cancel.  We could just pick
another date or even hold it on a holiday if we wanted to (not that
this is ideal - just that we can do it how we want to).

Venues sometimes change.  It is great that ATS could host us, and
perhaps at some point they'll be able to host us again, but all of
this relies on volunteers, so we just need to work with them as best
we can so that people are willing to step up in the future.

So, IMO if you want to propose a new venue/night/whatever, toss it out
on the list and see how many are willing to join.  Maybe nobody at
West wants to drive to West Chester, but maybe a whole new group from
that area springs up.  That's a win.

Thanks to Chris/Andy/ATS for hosting!  And thanks to all who are
thinking about stepping up to fill the gap!  I look forward to new
combatants in the great pizza war.

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