Eric H. Johnson via plug on 9 Apr 2020 07:18:24 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Dual booting Linux and Windows

Walt, et al,

Got it. It was the stinkin' USB port. The drive is powered by the USB port.
Perhaps on this machine, only one port is a high power port capable of
driving it. The other ports see the drive, but can't mount it.


On Wed, Apr 08, 2020 at 06:57:06PM -0400, Eric H. Johnson via plug wrote:
> All,
> Almost there. Gave up on dual booting, but have it running under 
> VirtualBox. Last problem to solve is connecting to a USB external 
> drive. It is Ext3 or Ext4 file format, so Windows can't read it 
> directly, and it is encrypted. VIrtualBox sees the drive and I have 
> added it to devices for this VM. According to what I read, I also need 
> to add my user to the vboxusers group. That group does not exist, but 
> vboxsf does. I added my user to that group. When I try to add the 
> device, VirtualBox gives an error of "Failure to attach to the USB 
> device...".
> Any ideas what I am missing?

As it happens I've also been experimenting with virtualbox this week. One
thing you could try is to mount the drive in Linux, then make it a shared
folder from the virtualbox UI.


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