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Re: [PLUG] very large laptop

On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 7:26 AM jeff via plug
<> wrote:
> The laptop lives half its time in a dock, but this will be a good
> troubleshooter when it doesn't.

Between the comments about spending half the time on a dock and not
caring about battery capacity, have you given thought to whether you
actually want this to be a laptop?

It is of course purely personal preference, but I've personally
favored the combo of a desktop and a very portable laptop (right now
I'm actually using one of those combo tablets since half of what I
want it for is to watch media while traveling/etc).

The advantage is that a regular desktop is way cheaper for what you
get, and much less of a compromise when it comes to
keyboard/monitor/etc.  And then my laptop is compact and light and I
don't even think twice before I toss it in a bag to bring it with me
if I think there is even remotely a chance I'll want to use it.  Two
devices optimized for their primary task can potentially be better and
maybe even cheaper than one all-around device that isn't ideally
suited to either task.

I'm typing this on a keyboard and monitor bigger than anything you'd
find on even the largest laptops, and I never have to lift it up.  If
I wanted to work in the living room for some reason I'd grab my
convertible and that thing is 2lbs and the battery lasts up to 10
hours.  Now, there is no way I'd want to do serious gaming or whatever
on it, but that isn't what it is for, and it can sync up with Plex and
play offline movies/TV just fine.  Only downside is that I wouldn't
want to type with it much on my lap as it is a convertible - that was
a choice I made when I got it but it is way more useful for media that

By all means get the larger laptop if that is what you prefer - just
wanted to offer an alternative approach.

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