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Re: [PLUG] very large laptop

+10 on this...

I have an old HP DV7 17" lappie that used to be my primary and when I go pull it out, I'm immediately reminded that this unit really can't operate without a cooling plate.  The one I have in the bag with it and is either broken or I have to make a new power cable but that said, worse case scenario I only use it on a flat surface where I can elevate the back and make sure nothing is near the fan exhaust.

Just to give you an idea of how hot is gets...  you would NOT even be able to hold your hand 4" away from the exhaust for more than 20 seconds.

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Have you considered an inexpensive cooling pad to sit it on?  Like
a thick mouse pad, but big enough for the entire laptop to sit on.
Blows air up at the bottom of the laptop.  Worked wonders for an
old 17-inch HP laptop my wife had years ago.  The laptop was
built cheap, I think, with no attention to heat.  Had a non-laptop
CPU or something even.  Always overheated.  The pad solved it.
Might still be lying around here somewhere, though I suspect its
long gone.  See:

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On 4/14/20 7:18 PM, jeff via plug wrote:
> thanks for the schoolin'
> On 4/14/20 7:12 PM, Soren Harward wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 6:35 PM jeff via plug 
>> < <>> wrote:
>>     So I'm looking for a replacement for a desktop replacement.
>>     Important parts: 17" display, 16RAM, number pad, backlit kbd 
>> would be
>>     nice, linux-friendly, under 1k would be great-used is fine
>> A 17" display with 16GB RAM, but under $1k, pretty much narrows it 
>> down to one of HP's laptops that uses a low-end AMD processor.  You 
>> may be able to find a Dell at that price.
>> But right now is not the time to be looking for a new laptop. There's 
>> huge demand as companies are expanding their telework, so you'll 
>> likely encounter high prices or long shipping delays.
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>> Soren Harward
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