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Re: [PLUG] Linux on a Chromebook?

I have an Acer Chromebook for Work from 2016 and what I've always done is run Linux for the sd card slot.  Its a stock Ubuntu Gnome distro.  I've never done any tuning on it because its more or less just works- the less part is that the mouse requires you to have more of your finger on the trackpad and audio does not work.  Typical hardware issues with some of these Intel chips (and they still haven't been resolved) but it doesn't bother me since I'm not in there that often.

My model is the 8Gb so that could be why I'm not seeing the same issues you but that really sounds like the classic problem of Linux not really swapping in a "sane" way.  While zram on modern CPUs is a win could the issue be that your swapiness is still to high?  Do "cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness", I forget what the default number is but I would cut it by more that half to start- if its 60, set it to 25 or even 20.  Maybe that will help.

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Subject: [PLUG] Linux on a Chromebook?

I've spent about a year with GalliumOS (a derivative of Ubuntu more or 
less tuned to work with Chromebooks), step one being to set up a 
conventional swap partition. For me, the default zram strategy doesn't 
seem to mix well with IDEs and Web browsers at the same time when you've 
only 4GB to begin with-more thrashing than a heavy metal act.

I'm considering using a different distro.

What experiences have you had with Linux on Chromebooks with a Celeron 
N3060 ("Braswell"), 4GB RAM, and 32 GB eMMC internal storage (this Acer 
CB3-431 has the codename "EDGAR")?

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