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Re: [PLUG] download from WHERE?

On 4/28/20 21:22, K.S. Bhaskar via plug wrote:
For what it's worth, in the experience of one of our developers, you get better performance running Lubuntu in Virtual Box on Windows 10 than “natively” on WSL. Maybe that will change…

I'll stick with Linux running directly on bare metal.

– Bhaskar

WSL 1 is mind boggling slow, ESPECIALLY when it comes to disk access. Updates on a basic Ubuntu instance (no gui, just a couple of small utilities installed on top of the base WSL image) take an absurdly long time.

Reason being 2 main factors. Windows disk access tends to be slow and wonky compared to native Linux. (Or anything else really.) So anything that has to go through Windows has to deal with that. The other issue is that WSL 1 isn't virtualization, it's really more of an emulation layer. It's not even technically Linux as no Linux kernel code is running. The emulation layer, which isn't even 100% complete, adds a fair amount of overhead.

WSL 2 is due to hit mainstream with the next release of Win 10 (2004). That's a different animal altogether. That will be running an actual, upgradable copy of the Linux kernel, with full system call compatibility. It is in fact, full virtualization, you need computer hardware capable of running Hyper-V. You can even install and run stuff like the Linux version of Docker and FUSE. Third party benchmarks show pretty impressive speed gains in 2 over 1, some that even come close to a bare metal install in terms of speed.

I still prefer bare metal installs, but this is a pretty good way to actually be able to get stuff done in Windows, especially if you're required to do so.

-- PaulNM

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