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Re: [PLUG] Windows driver for ext2/ext3

On 3/20/21 10:48 AM, Eric Lucas via plug wrote:
I believe I'm just going to buy (or build) a NAS and share things the easy way!

Topical, though perhaps overkill and some folks will complain about using EXT4.  :-)

We've also talked about in the list before, and we've had some presos though IIRC they were more focused on backing up FreeNAS itself to AWS S3.    I'm a FreeNAS fan and we use it at work in a lab with something like 50TB on it.

But again that might be overkill.  An rPi4 with a *good* power supply and a USB3 hard drive, running Raspian, and <insert other tools here> might be fine (but not speedy).  Other tools might include Samba, BackupPC, Restic, or lots of other things.  rPi4-8G + 5T USB3 disk + BackupPC + rsync are what power (just barely) my current backup server.

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