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[PLUG] Invitation to use Fred Stluka's web sites and mailing lists...

Michael (and other PLUG folks),

You may want to check out my mailing lists.  I mail out occasional
short tips about Mac, Windows, Linux/Unix, Internet, Cloud,
Computer Security, etc., with a separate mailing list for each.  Also
programming tips for Python, Java, JavaScript, Android, XML, SQL,
NoSQL, Agile, etc.  Plus a few business-oriented lists like Career
Tips, Job Wanted, Consultants.  Plus Finance Tips, Coronavirus
Tips, Voting Tips, etc.  And some purely social lists, like Jokes,
Ping Pong, Golf, Lunch, etc.

Check out my invite page. It describes my approach to bite-sized
learning and short emails. Also describes each of my 3 dozen or
so mailing lists.  Each topic has its own list so people don't get
spammed with stuff they don't care about.  I'm the only sender, so
total traffic is less than one message per day even if you're on all
of the lists.

Check out the archives, and let me know if you want to be added
to any of the lists:

I'm currently in the middle of a series of tips to my Internet Users
List about how to do tricky things with URLs, like not only open a
Web page but also scroll to and highlight some specified text.  Or
send/receive email.  Or make a phone call.  Or view a specified
segment (start/stop times) of a YouTube video.  Or link deeply into
a web site.  Also how to bypass the login screen of a "paywall" and
read an article for free. Etc...

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