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Re: [PLUG] Firefox on snap

On 5/28/22 14:33, JP Vossen wrote:
On 5/25/22 19:06, Walt Mankowski via plug wrote:
On Fri, May 20, 2022, at 11:01 AM, Walt Mankowski wrote:
This is exactly what I was worried about with having Firefox on snap on
Ubuntu 22.04:

More discussion:


* [1]
* But you can still:

[1] Interestingly: "...while Snaps may be popular with an enormous number developers there is, to my eyes, a gulf growing between the kinds of apps available on each respective store. Commercial, proprietary and Electron-based software seems to favour Canonical’s Snap Store, but open source software developed in native toolkits seems more drawn to the experiences offered by Flatpak and Flathub. ..."

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