Andrew Langman on 4 Nov 2005 15:21:46 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] PhillyOnRails Wiki

Thanks for the wiki, Erin. I'm a fan of Moin, and wikis in general. I forgot to
say thanks also to Ron Lusk for his lecture. This kind of controlled
deployment, roll back, and re-deployment is the way to do things, and is a
technique that can help avoid un-employment.

Speaking of tools, I spent some time looking at Trac
( which is what the Rails team uses to manage
their development. It's a web front-end to Subversion, with an integrated wiki
and ticketing system, written in Python.

It's quite well done. And the fact that the Rails developers chose it is a real
stamp of approval. We're evaluating other project management and source code
control systems as well. The problem is that the only real way to evaluate
something is to use it extensively. As with editors and other tools, I'm
interested to hear what more experienced users are doing.

Thanks everybody.

Andrew Langman
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