Carl Leiby on 19 Dec 2006 14:38:38 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Pub Nite!!

On 12/19/06, Aaron Blohowiak <> wrote:

Buddhism as a philosophy versus as a religion ( ) and Taoism

OH, now I get it. :)  Where's that reading list?

We also discussed PXE, , a newer version of bootp?  Used to network boot computers to a linux install image so that you can install your distribution onto a compact flash drive.  CF drives use less electricity, the earth will thank you.

Has_many :through does not provide distinct records.  However, there is a change that covers this, .  Although, it doesn't seem to be in 1.1.6.  I might have to go to the edge just for this.

We discussed the state of rails documentation, like, why isn't there a discussion thread at the bottom of each page like php has?  And how bad will the transition to 1.2 be?  Does anyone have a top 10 list of the things that people should know going to edge?

Last night was fun!

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