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[PhillyOnRails] Resume advice

Hello all,

I've been working for a non-profit for the last couple of years, in which time I've taught myself web development using RoR (of course), but also Zope/Plone (not my choice) and Django. I'm now looking to transition into the for-profit world so I have a fighting chance at handling my impending student loan payments.
I'm a bit embarrassed to say I've never put together a 'professional' resume before and I'm unsure what's the expected way to present my skills. Previous resumes were just simple single-page overviews of my work history to indicate I wasn't a bum. But now I want to present myself specifically as a web developer. Should I list each site I've worked on and have bulleted highlights of what I did? Or is that TMI for a resume? Or should that info be factored out into a 'portfolio' (and what would a portfolio look like in contrast to a resume)?
I don't have a CS or relevant degree (BA in philosophy, so lucrative), so I'm probably aiming for a 'junior developer' territory to get my foot in the door (just mentioning it if that should be a factor in how I pitch things). Anyone willing to volunteer a resume for a guiding example? I really get stumped when it comes time to toot my own horn, but I need to get over that soon ;)

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