Geoffrey Young on 29 Jun 2004 13:15:41 -0000

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Re: YAPC 2005 proposals

> On thing to consider is the proximity of available conference rooms to
> Main Street...  UD is definately a biking campus if you're stuck on the
> wrong end of it.

indeed.  however, the facilities we would be using are all located together
right on the main campus, stumbling distance from main street.  the dorms
are on west campus, which sounds far but is not even a 5 minute walk from
the lecture hall.

> No major attractions exist

I suggested an outing at the blue rocks.  I had a corporate thing there last
season and it was pretty nice - $20 for a private deck with decent food, ice
cream, and beer.  sounds like something for someone to sponsor :)

> but its a nice setting, and major attractions make me feel rushed anyway.

yeah, one of the things that I like more about st. louis than buffalo was
just kind of lounging around at the bar catching up with people - the more
relaxed pace made for a more enjoyable apres conference, since there wasn't
all the "hey, where's everyone going?  can I get a ride?" that happened at
buffalo.  here, you would know where everyone would be.

oh, glad to see a fellow UD graduate here :)

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