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Re: X through a telnet session?

On Fri, 9 Apr 1999 rsuchowi@nimbus.ocis.temple.edu wrote:

> Is it possible run X through a telnet session?  If so, could
> someone send me to the documentation.

You need to have an X server running on the system they're telnetting
FROM.  The system that they are telnetting TO needs to be listeded in
their xhosts file (this lists what systems are allowed to open X clients
on them).  The remote shell needs to have the $DISPLAY variable set to the
ipaddress of the system being telnetted from.

I will point out that you need a real network connection for this.  A LAN
(10BaseT or better) is highly recommended.  A T1 would appear slow, and
dialup connection would be intolerable, unless you used low bandwidth X.

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