Jeff Abrahamson on Tue, 2 Jan 2001 15:17:59 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] Undoing CJK installation?

On Tue, Jan 02, 2001 at 12:41:13PM -0500, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
> When I did an install yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to 
> install the CJK "extras" (i.e support for Chinese, Japanese and 
> Korean).  Unfortunately, my GNOME is in Chinese :(.   Anyone know a 
> way to fix this w/o reformatting the disk?  (I don't mind 
> reinstalling Linux, if that will fix it).

Are you using gdm (the Gnome Display Manager) so that you login at a
graphical prompt? If so, one of the menus concerns the language for
your session. Select English (or whatever you want).

This supposedly affects the setting of LOCALE, although I set mine
explicitly for other reasons.


 Jeff Abrahamson  <>