tpanzarella (harley) on Fri, 5 Jan 2001 09:07:56 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] Kernel Panic on Boot when adding EIDE HDD


/ is mounted on /dev/sda1
/usr is mounted on /dev/sda5
/home is mounted on /dev/hda1

What I want to do get /dev/hdb installed using the new EIDE drive, then mount /usr there.

Oh yeah, I am using LILO.



Yeah, the Bios looks first to the floppy, then CDROM, then SCSI.



/dev/hda is jumpered to be the master. I need to re-check the new drive to see if I need to jumper that, but I thought it showed that I should jumper it to be master and not jumper it to be slave, but I will re-check that out.


Thanks for the input everyone. When I get a minute to stop coding and actually rip open the box again to re-plug in the new drive I will report on what is happening after trying all of the suggestions given.


Kevin Brosius wrote:

"tpanzarella (harley)" wrote:

Hello.  I have a RH6.2 box which I am trying to expand my disk capacity
on.  The box right now has one SCSI drive (sda), 1 EIDE HDD (primary
master, hda), and 1 IDE CDROM drive (secondary master, hdc).  I am
trying to add another EIDE drive as hdb.  My machine's bios sees the
drive and all is cool there.  Then when booting the Linux kernel, it
sees the drive as hdb (primary slave) ... it also sees all other drives
ok.  But Linux goes into kernel panic before it even hands off control
to the Red Hat boot procedure.  It says that it can't find init and I
should try passing 'init= ' to the kernel.  When I unplug the new drive,
Linux boots fine.

If anyone can shed any light on this for me it will be greatly appreciated.

C-x C-c

Which is your root disk?  And are you using LILO?

I've found that I often have to re-run LILO after changing my IDE layout
(adding or moving disks) else LILO fails.  This is easier said than
done, since you'll need to use a boot disk or CD if your normal boot
method doesn't work.  (And then pass some extra params to LILO to tell
it not to use the present boot floppy/CD as root when re-writing the
boot info.)

What is you boot loader?

C-x C-c

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