Michael Leone on Thu, 25 Jan 2001 13:47:25 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] Plugins and Mozilla

> I'm trying to find a good browser for Linux, currently try to use
> Netscape 4.72 & Galeon & Opera.
> None of them work particularly well.   I haven't tried Mozilla yet,
> partly because I didn't know how different it would be from Netscape
> Communicator itself.

Very little, from a user interface point of view. Beside the fact that it
works better. :-)

> I've just looked at the www.mozilla.org site, and it says there that the
> latest version of Mozilla is 0.7.
> Where does the Mxx version numbers come from (below M6 is supposed to be
> later than M18?).

The latest release is 0.7. The Mxx refer to the "Milestone" releases. The
milestone releases are the ones that conform to important "needed" features
on the features list. The actual "releases" come in the middle of the
milestones - i.e., release 0.7 came after M18. Eventually, there will
probably be a M19, M20 - THEN a 0.8. You follow?

> 2nd question...... I see RH6 RPMs for Mozilla available.   On the FTP
> server, there are stacks of RPM files, one for Mozilla 0.7, M17, M18,
> lots of developer files, and then some mail & psm files.
> Which are necessary for running Mozilla?  All, or just the main modules?

Just the one - the one that has the version number (0.7) and the word
"installer" in it. It's like 10M.

> Also, which mailing lists are best to read for Mozilla?

Don't know an answer to this.

> > I installed the PSM (Personal Security Manager), which provides SSL
> > support, via binaries, by choosing "DEBUG", "Install PSM", from the
> > Mozilla toolbar. Then SSL worked.

The new version 0.7 has this feature built-in and enabled by default. So SSL
works all the time - no extra config needed.

> > > - I can't get it to recognize helper apps. I go to prefs/helpers and
> > > enter things, but they don't "stick." I don't see them in the list,
> > > and each time I download something of that type, I'm asked
> > > again. E.g., pdf's should be opened by xpdf.
> >
> > Haven't gotten quite that far yet, myself.

The new version is saving the new helper info I put in for RealPlayer8 -
unfortunately, it's ignoring the path - it wants "realplay" to be in my
mozzila directory, even thos I explicitly told it
"/usr/bin/RealPlayer8/realplay" in the application line of the helper apps.

So I made a symbolic link the mozilla directory called realplay, pointing at
/usr/bin ... and now Mozilla is happy, and RealPlayer comes up.

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