Michael Leone on Fri, 13 Apr 2001 14:40:09 -0400

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Re: multimedia, was: Re: [PLUG] wine, quicken, installshield, and hair on the floor

> I use xtheater to play asf/avi/divx media. There's an smpeg plugin for
> xmms so it can play mpegs w/hardware accel if available. If you have the
> correct modelines defined, you cna play back stuff fullscreen.

Really? Hmmmm ... I'll look into it. However, with the recent stopping of
many sites (specifically, radio sites) from simulcasting on the Internet
(due to the lawsuits from the actors in the radio commercials wanting more
royalties, since their commercials are being broadcast twice, and the record
companies wanting more royalties for the same reasons), it may become
somewhat less of an issue. Which SUCKS, BTW.

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