Leonard Rosenthol on Wed, 10 Oct 2001 02:25:13 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Viewing files (was Re: John "MAD DOG" Hall)

At 6:01 PM -0400 10/9/01, Bill Jonas wrote:
On Tue, Oct 09, 2001 at 05:51:42PM -0400, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
	http://www.wvware.com - and you are right, most folks don't.
 Also, as others have pointed out, Star Office, AbiWord, KWord, etc.
 all read Word files.


It doesn't support most features of Word, nor all versions - as such, I can't recommend it. Only wvware, and products derived from it (AbiWord and KWord) do a complete job on Word files.

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