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Re: [PLUG] from Paris to Phily

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 08:57:09AM -0500, gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:
> > > On the other hand, dial-up is really the low-end of the totem pole
> > > these days.
> > Yes but to have a correct price for a high speed connection you have to
> > sign (and prepaid) for one year and I'm not sure that I will stay one year
> > in my first house.
> Fair enough.
> I'm not sure how long I agreed to with Speakeasy... I certainly only
> *pay* on a monthly basis and, yeah, paying a full year in advance
> does shave some money off it, but I've either not been sure that I
> wanted to keep their service or not been sure that I'd be here a
> full calender year.

Yes so to be concret, how many ? 50$/month

> > btw Are these providers using PPPoE or still DHCP ?
> That's kind of comparing apples and oranges, if you meant them to be
> compared.

Yes after thinking about it a little more I was speaking about apples
and oranges. I should have compared PPPoE and direct TCP/IP connection.

But AFAIK in france most ISP high speed offers let you manage the PPPoE 
yourself (this is what I have on my desk right now).  The cable modem 
doesn't speak PPPoE. We can still (foe a few weeks) use direct TCP/IP 
with it and connect to the network using DHCP but this ISP is switching 
to PPPoE (claiming 'improved security' when looking for more money by 
restricting 1 computer per modem).  Perhaps new modems take care of 
PPPoE, I'm not aware enough about it to generalize.

> Most DSL uses PPPoE in some sense, but good DSL providers give you a
> DSL modem that speaks it and hides it. My understanding is that the
> only ISP around here that sticks you with dealing with the PPPoE
> yourself, inside of their modem, is Verizon (neé Bell Atlantic),
> though there could be others. Verizon also insists that you use
> DHCP, won't let you get more than one DHCP lease on the same line,
> and isn't to keen on your hiding a network behind the machine with
> the DHCP lease.


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