Jeff Abrahamson on Sat, 8 Dec 2001 23:00:26 +0100

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[PLUG] etags change my life

I've been working with emacs for years and never realized how cool
etags are. Just in case you have not seen the light, let me

    In the shell, go to your source directory and type

        etags *c *h

    or grab a whole hierarchy with find. Either way, you'll get a new
    file called TAGS.

    Now in emacs, type M-x . and off you go to the definition of the
    thing you ask (default what's under the cursor). Also available is
    M-x tags-search (search for use of something), with M-, continuing
    the search. The search crosses all tagged files.

    And there's also M-x tags-apropos, apropos on the names in your

This is gonna change my life.

  Members of the church of vi, see ctags. Use from within vi is left
  as an exercise. Etags works on many languages, but I'm using C
  tonight, but docs say it works on c++, perl, scheme (for you SICM
  fans ;-), tex, yacc, lisp, java, and on and on.


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