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Re: [PLUG] questions on an office-wide conversion

On Sun, Dec 16, 2001 at 12:55:47AM -0500, Michael Leone wrote:
: > appearing..  How is that not like a typewriter?
: Hilight something; make it bold, in a different font, in a different
: language, that blinks. 
: Insert a sound clip/movie clip from the Internet, and play it.
: Make it mail-merge.
: Make a live hyperlink in the document.
: Insert an embedded Excel spreadsheet, that automatically updates the
: document whenever the spreadsheet changes.
: Have an automatic footer inserted, that says "Page 1 of 10". And
: increments the total # of pages, on every page, as you add/delete pages.

All stuff you DO NOT HAVE TO DO in order to use a word processor.  90% of
all people who use a word processor will use Microsoft Word.  They will
be content with 1.25" side margins and 1" top/bottom margins.  They won't
care that their text is in 12 point Times New Roman.  They won't care if
their text blinks, is in a different color or contains movies, sounds or
any other such nonsense.  They don't understand the concept of a mail 
merge, let alone want to do one.  You say "database table" to them, they
wonder how many legs that kind of table has.

: You weren't really serious, were you?

100%.  You just keep missing the point.  We're not talking about users
performing more advanced operations like embedding objects, or even
non-compulsory tasks, such as changing fonts, making text bold, etc. 
We're talking about users who consider it "hard" to start up Word, type
someting, save and print.  Heck, it's easier than a typewriter - no need
for whiteout!

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