Paul on Tue, 4 Mar 2003 21:06:10 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] CDROM making me crazy

Just work with ide-scsi. Since it works for everything else, and you have other real SCSI devices, why fight it? Just set up the CD-ROM drive as if it were a CD writer; address it as a SCSI device.

You can set module options in modules.conf, lilo.conf, or grub.conf. Focus on the options for ide-scsi.

After you get your drive running you might want to enable DMA. I saw that DMA was disabled on the secondary controller. Test the setting with hdparm first. wrote:

If I want to see the CD-ROM I can follow this sequence.

# rmmod ide-scsi
# insmod cdrom
# mount /mnt/cdrom

Works fine but now the retension command for /dev/st1 fails
with "no such device or address".

Where else could the CD-ROM device appear? I don't see it in
the dmesg output or /var/log/messages.

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